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Magic words can be used to substitute in certain interesting values into a page display.


Les Mots Magiques peuvent être utilisés pour substituer certaines valeurs intéressantes à l'intérieur d'un affichage de page.

Magic Word list / liste de Mots Magiques[edit]


Calendar Magic Words / Mots Magiques Calendrier[edit]

  • Current Month = 03
  • Current Month Name = March
  • Current Day = 25
  • Current Day Name = Saturday
  • Current Year = 2017
  • Current Time = 23:35
  • Number of Articles = 20,929
  • Current Month Name Gen = March
  • Current Week = 12
  • Current Day of Week = 6

Location Magic Words / Repérer des Mots Magiques[edit]

  • Page Name* = Magic Words
  • Namespace* = WikiIndex
  • Site Name* = WikiIndex
  • Talk Space* = WikiIndex talk
  • Subject Space* = (only for talk pages, would produce the page it is talk page to)
  • Server =
  • Localurl*: page name = /WikiIndex:Magic_Words

* The letter E can be added in the end of these magic words to render spaces as underscores.

  • Page Name E = Magic_Words