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Talk is good for talk and other stuff likely not of importance anymore in two days.

You can always move interesting conversation to a seperate page with an appropriate title and rework it later. It's a wiki ;)
New date-entries right below this line, please.

2006-08-31 / wiki-net[edit]

MattisManzel: just wrote on freenode #wikinet

On wiki-index they now add "people" to the wiki-homepages on it. And I made wiki-net: who cares here? and it's putting out the "who cares here?"-feed.

Actualy the people section for a wiki on wiki-index could be updated by the respective wiki-community just by keeping their local "who cares here?" up to date.

The first cross-engine wiki-net attempts work out these days, Oddmuse and Mediawiki, see s23-wiki: wiki-net changes. Sorting still is a bit weird.

What page do we move that to? wiki-net / talk would be appropriate, I guess.