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Status: Dead
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Cities


WikiMaas was the city-wiki for Maastricht in the province of Limburg, in The Netherlands.

  • a calendar in the wiki software
  • a php wiki map – CityMap (a city map based on Google Maps that has wiki characteristics like adding content (locations and routes), editing content and a revision history).

Agenda function[edit]

The agenda is one of the most edited parts of WikiMaas. Actually, it is not even an agenda. It is the blog plug-in from our wiki-engine Oddmuse. We made a minor hack in the code, so that the blog command would not insert the most recent posts, but instead the first posts in the future. We have put the blog entry form open to anyone to post future events, and the first ten are displayed in a sidebar on our front page. Viewers can click on them to read the complete description. Via a link on the front page, users can also reach a calendar to view all other agenda items.

We believe that this agenda function is one of the main contributors to the (relative) success of WikiMaas. Most wiki pages are only interesting the first time you read them, especially when you have a small community and pages don't change much. The agenda provides a more dynamic piece of content; something that readers come back for every week. Especially since WikiMaas is mainly written from an alternative, leftist, activist, (and can we use the word 'underground'?) perspective, the agenda is an addition to the regular city agendas. We have the parties in the squats and the political demonstrations that are not featured in the regular media. The city's weekly printed agenda even once recommended WikiMaas in their 'featured' section.

In the agenda articles, there are links to the other wiki articles, like the venues of the events, or the local bands. So, we can say that the agenda provides a popular entry point to the wiki content. It attracts visitors, and sucks some of them into the rest of the wiki.


Beginning 2007, WikiMaas went down for a couple of weeks because of unpaid bills. In the end, only the version of December 2006 could be recovered, losing three months of edits.

As of 2010, the wiki is completely defunct and the URL has squatted.