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[edit] Mission Statement

WikiPorn should not have a mission, because a wiki is open-ended and always has space to grow. There is always something new to learn and tell about porn, so there shouldn't be a mission. A wiki always has new information to gather. There shouldn't be a mission, because a wiki is never "accomplished", "done", "finished", "complete" or "perfect".

Instead of a mission, WikiPorn should have a focus, which is called "porn". Anything that has something to do with porn, be it facts, gossip, opinions or just fictional stories. Anything that people would like to tell or share or read or see about porn.

There are currently two WikiPorn sites in the UK. The other is: English Girls WikiPorn.

At this moment all the WikiPorn websites have been deleted by the PTB as in powers outside those that created the websites and paid for the domains in the first place. At this point in time no Wiki for Pornography or adult material exist in the whole freaking universe that are worth a damn nor will they in the foreseeable future...

There is this small website that is currently working as the sole replacement of all that has been lost: Wikiporn (wikispaces).