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Categorizing wiki logos can help to avoid duplicate entries. If you upload a Logo, please mark it with

{{WikiLogoOf|name of the wiki entry in wikiindex}}

Later on someone could subcategorize by color, subject, size, format and so on. ;-)


Q: How do I get the URL of the logo of a wiki that uses the MediaWiki software? Every MediaWiki installation seems to give that logo a different name and put it in a different directory. My normal "view source" trick that works with other wiki engines doesn't work, because the logo is not mentioned directly on any normal page. (I'm guessing the logo URL is mentioned in some transcluded CSS page?).

A: If you are using Firefox 3 or better, the easy way to get that URL is: Go to some normal page on that wiki. (Preferably a relatively "plain" page with the logo and few or no other images). Then select "Tools | Page Info | Media", and go through the list of image URLs there until you find the logo URL. Once you find it, right-click on the URL, select "copy". Then edit the WikiIndex article on that wiki, and paste that URL into the logo = field of the Wiki template.

Or if you have AdBlock Plus, right click on the image and select "Adblock Image", it will give you the URL of the image. (it won't block it unless you select "Add Filter")

A: If You are using Opera, you right click on the logo and chose the last option [called "Element untersuchen" in German ;-] from there it is all downhill.