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Status: Active
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Comparisons
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Wiki Uncle is a collaborative wiki containing articles on comparisons between two (or more) products / stuffs/ things / terms / etc. Wiki Uncle is designed to house comparison articles, which makes this project unique and differentiates it from other wikis. Any person / organization can contribute comparison articles to Wiki Uncle. As Wiki Uncle has only recently started so has few articles. Examples of articles include comparisons between:

  • Apple iphone vs Samsung galaxy S2
  • Cyclone vs Tornado
  • Fusion vs Fission
  • Sun Java vs
  • Cube vs Cuboid
  • Iphone3 vs Iphone4
  • Animal cell vs Plant cell
  • Alligator vs Crocodile
  • Java abstract class vs Java interface

The list is endless.... The wiki started in 2011 and uses MediaWiki.

Related wiki:

  • Debatepedia wiki also has side-by-side comparisons, but generally about more abstract concepts in morality, economics, etc.
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