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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Travel


Wikiasiantravel aims to be the ultimate travel guide providing the vital information on the sights to see, the accommodations to stay, places to dine and where to go for shopping spree in Asia.


Wikiasiantravel is a collaboration of minds from Osomnimedia whose aim is to provide an Ultimate Guide to travel to Asia, with the support of the wikimedia program. It aims to help travelers to Asia from the time they start considering of going to the time that they are back home, safe and sound.


Wikiasiantravel also promotes the active participation or contribution of users by providing a user friendly media that aids in the convenience of contributing and editing of information. It has a forum page where one may post also the suggestions, feedbacks, or even questions related to Wikiasiantravel. They can also log their adventures and experiences as to how their travel fared. Page layouts and templates are also provided for the convenience of the users/contributors.