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Wikimedia Statistics is not a wiki. It is merely a portal of the Wikimedia Foundation which generates and publishes a wide variety of statistics from over 750 wikis of virtually all Wikimedia projects. Its primary URL is To quote the headline from its about page – "Enough tables, bar charts and plots to keep you busy for a while" – these are available in 25 different languages; and are produced as either interactive graphs, database dumps, log files, and raw scripts and data. One of the main geeks contributors is a chap called Erik Zachte from The Netherlands (initially from 2003 a volunteer for Wikipedia, and since 2008 part of his job as Data Analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation), and as well as producing all these stats, publishes his own web site and blog too.
Did you know?
  • Wikipedia is still by far the Wikimedia Foundations' largest project [1]
  • For the month of January 2012, the Wikipedia main site received over 15,382,000,000 page views [2]
  • During the last quarter 2011: of the 740 million people in Europe, they made 4801 million page views per month of Wikipedia; whereas for the same time-scale, of the 450 million people of North America, they made 3496 million page views. This means that Europe had 41.5% of the global share of page views, compared to just 30.2% from North America [3]

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), founded 20 June 2003, is the non-profit organization responsible for a very large number (over 850 in total) of very active wikis, grouped together and known as 'projects'; as well as the wiki engine software initially developed for them known as MediaWiki. The Foundations' wiki projects include Wikipedia (encyclopedias), Wiktionary (dictionary and thesaurus), Wikiquote (quotations), Wikibooks (open content textbooks), Wikinews (news source), Wikisource (free content primary and secondary source texts), Wikispecies (a free species directory), and many others as listed below. Most of these projects have separate wiki versions written in many different languages. There is also the Wikimedia Commons (for images, videos and other media files that can be used by all the Wikimedia projects), Wikidata (central space for data used on all WMF projects), and the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki (for issues common to all Wikimedia projects). Its most recent project, Wikivoyage (a 'travelpedia'), was inducted to WMF in late 2012.

Wikimedia Foundation is a member of the Open Source Initiative.

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