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Status: New
Language: English
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Main topic: Measuring Progress


Wikiprogress is a global platform for sharing data and analyzing the measurement of environmental, social and economic well being and communicating these tools to policy makers and the wider public with the objective to promote sustainable social development and economic growth while protecting the environment. Wikiprogress contains two main functions, a classical wiki function where users can create, edit, discover and share information, and a statistical wiki, wikiprogress.stat, where users can upload data and metadata, navigate through a robust database and create exportable tables and charts for internal and external use.

Wikiprogress was launched by the OECD's Global Project for Measuring the Progress of Societies in October 2009 at the The 3rd OECD World Forum on “Statistics, Knowledge and Policy” Busan Korea.

Open Access Policy[edit]

Wikiprogress is open to everyone. You can access all resources provided on the website and use its contents for your own personal needs, be it a research project on gender equality or simply your own interest in finding out more about this topic.

In order to improve the information on this site, we invite your active participation: either by providing comments and suggestions, or by contributing new articles. We particularly encourage you to browse through the wanted pages section that contains articles that still need to be written.

If you decide to contribute to this project, we kindly ask you to follow a set of Policies and Conventions. Please do not infringe copyright. Wikiprogress uses the GNU Free Documentation License. Everything you contribute must be compatible with that license.

Quality Control[edit]

Websites based on “wiki” technology invite the public to modify the content displayed on the pages. It is therefore important to have mechanisms in place that ensure high quality of information. Wikiprogress has implemented several of these mechanisms and created an effective quality control system.


Wikiprogress is open to collaborate in the maintenance of the site with other organisations and initiatives. We look forward to welcoming community members to this project. Our aim is to build an active community that uses and regularly updates this website. Invited partners include other international organisations, NGOs and research institutes. We particularly look forward to welcoming partners from the developing world. Contact us at