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Language: English
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Wiki engine: Kiwi
Main topic: Software


"ALU wiki is for all users of Lisp-family languages, and especially for information relevant to the Association of Lisp Users (ALU)."

The "Kiwi" WikiEngine used on this wiki is written for Franz Allegro running AllegroServe (a Lisp dialect).

2005-08-23 This wiki contains the content that has for the last few months been hosted as part of Drew Crampsie's *hyper-cliki* at The ALU would like to thank Drew for taking over the hosting of the ALU wiki content at a time when it was on the verge of going off-line under a deluge of spam and when the ALU folks who might have been able to deal with it were up to their ears in organizing the ILC2005. Drew has also been extremely helpful and gracious in helping us move the ALU wiki content back to the ALU site.

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