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Biohack / h+ Roadmap
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(As of: 2009-02-10 - link)

Welcome to h+ Roadmap, a collection of ideas for stuff. This wiki goes by many names— hplusroadmap, biohack, and mindhack; perhaps one day transhumanwiki too.

The purpose of hplusroadmap is to promote, explore, and document the technological singularity and beyond. A wikiable copy of our transhuman technical roadmap is an important article hosted here. It is a strategy towards a post-scarcity, technological singularity, exponential growth, self-replication, open source automated manufacturing, and so on. A large portion of articles focus on do-it-yourself biology (in collaboration with and genetic engineering, and other miscellaneous pages for ideas, experiments, and practice. The site's mission is broad scope, but also focused on practical technologies and actually getting to a singularity. The main interest is in human self-modification (brain augmentation) and next-generation brain building (neuroinformatics2009, anyone?), such as with the matter compiler, a component of the OSCOMAK puzzle.

One particular aim is to collaborate on expanding and improving the biohacking kit.

Transhumanism, Posthumanism, and Transhuman Technology.