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Main topic: Constructed languages

C&C Wiki is devoted to the topics of ConLangs and ConCultures.

Conculture stands for Constructed Culture. Constructed cultures are descriptions of cultures that do not exist in reality, but are the invention or creation of one or more persons.

Related to WorldBuilding, Concultures are usually more focused on the cultural realtionships of the inhabitants of that world than on the dynamics or plausability of the world. These worlds and cultures are sometimes a backdrop for a history. This is the case of MiddleEarth by JRR Tolkien. Sometimes they are built as the place FictionalLangs or other ArtLangs are spoken. Sometimes they are just the next step after WorldBuilding, or just an imaginary place some creative minds like to put their creations related to politics, religions, vexillology, languages, history, etc.

IllBethisad is an interesting collaborative effort for a Conculture. Most other concultures discussed on the ConcultureMailingList are personal efforts.

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