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48px-Rename_icon.svg.png   It is requested that this Category:Constructed languages article, template, or category be renamed to Constructed language; because it is common practice that a category contains more than one of its included subjects, and the singular is grammatically purer than the plural. Please discuss.

Not to be confused with category: Wiki Constructed languages.

Category:Constructed languages — this category is for wiki sites whose subject matter is, or discusses the Constructed languages language.

See also category: Multilingual – for wiki sites with a subject matter of more than one language.

For those wikis whose contents are written in their actual language (ie, not English), they should go into their relevant Wiki Language sub-category instead. In this instance, wikis with contents written in Constructed languages should be included in category: Wiki Constructed languages instead. See also category: Wiki Multilingual – for those wikis written in more than one language.

These wikis are about the topic of Constructed languages and / or are written in one or more constructed language.


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