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Green parties were among the first in the world to use wikis for platform development. In addition to early small scale prototypes like Mark Dilley's work with Green Party of Michigan, the first national political platform was created by the Green Party of Canada's Living Platform project. The current GPC LP is under CC-BY-NC-SA, and therefore allows any other nonprofit entity, including other parties, to copy its material, as long as the authorship and attribution records are fully preserved (as all open content licenses require). For instance, incorporated all of the GPC-LP basic materials when it forked off to create a nonpartisan issue-focused system.

An extraordinary array of standards and precedents exists for Green parties using wikis: Standards for web hosting for Green parties, naming conventions for international policy and policy terms which closely resemble the original Green Party terms. This work is available to other Greens worldwide, or to any party that wishes to make its policy more sustainable and reduce the human ecological footprint.

More theoretical papers describing the use of wiki by Green Parties include Efficient Politics (which describes the basic theory and inspired the initial projects), Living Platform in Practice and Lean Green Machine, all by Craig Hubley, who also influenced Consumerium,, DKosopedia, Embodiment wiki and others. In addition see an analysis of the specific needs of political wikis, which differ from their apolitical counterparts.

If the World-Wide Green Party would like to develop their 'Platform' using wikis, or set up some section or subsection where this issue-focused internal debate can take place, a list of Green associated wikis is the logical starting point.

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