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All aboard the
WikiTourBus !!
Please take a
seat and wait
whilst we
find a driver.

Category:WikiTourBuses without drivers — this category is for WikiTourBuses which need a driver. Maybe the original or previous bus driver has retired, or is on a long-term sabbatical, or has otherwise handed in their bus drivers' permit and / or license; and is currently not known. If you feel like you would like to volunteer as a WikiTourBus driver, can navigate yourself around Wikilandia, and can foster a spirit of community amongst said wiki sites on a particular bus route (and maybe invite more wiki sites to join), please make yourself available.

Please take some time to stop by the main WikiTourBus 'Central Station' hub at Meatball Wiki. There you will be able to meet the WikiTourBus management, and plan your journeys on the TourBusMap (also available in French). You can also see an overview of the tour bus routes and bus stops, along with their designated bus driver(s)! . . . "tickets please" . . .

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