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Status: Active
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Main topic: Religion

Build your own religion!

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Chaos Religion is the first attempt to build up a religion by the people.

In this Wiki, you can help build up a religion that fits your belief! Just edit the existing articles or add new ones. Discuss major changes or controversial changes on the talk page of the concerning article.

Chaos is the anger, but not just anger. Anger is just the fuel for what chaos thrives on, but really it is just a different way for outcasts to show themselves. People who honor the word chaos are willing to do anything for what they believe. Why, we ask? It's not's just a certain way people choose for their souls to go. Some people may think it is evil and whoever expresses their inner self should be punished by the law. But really, people are just scared of what kind of power it really has. It is just another way. When the Christian rapture comes, think what the world will be like. When it comes, some people have sinned so much that they can be forgiven, but choose not to. Why? This is why some people choose chaos - it is the way of choice. It may not be the right one, but it is the honest choice. Now, is that a sin? Just think about it...just to have the choice to live in heaven and be in peace forever, or hell to burn forever, or to be the ones left behind and live life once again - not normally, but free.


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