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I'm searching for what really are the principles that underlie "Crystal". AndreaBranca gave a great synopsis with:

Crystal: "human centric, strong on communications, light on deliverables, self-adapting"

Talking at length with RonHoliday here in SLC, we noticed the following core pieces:

  • Start with staring at the project the people the culture, do some interviews...
  • Use the set of principles described in the book or one of my methodology articles to decide on Do's/Don'ts, partitioning, etc, come up with the initial set of barely sufficient deliverables and conventions.
  • Work in increments 1-4 months long.
  • Every mid- and post-increment, host a ReflectionPeriod to identify what does/doesn't work, note the Start this / Stop this / Continue this list, getting the next increment's methodology.

Ron noticed that there is a line of thinking that I still need to expose about how to notice where to insert deliverables and where to drop. So there is, additionally, a technique sitting in here. That line of thinking is strongly aligned with ElihuGoldratt's book TheGoal and TheoryOfConstraints. I use it heavily to decide which teams can afford more rework and which must have less. That decision must be revisited in the ReflectionPeriod, also. So, add to the core list:

  • Base technique for project interview.
  • Base technique for deciding on deliverables.
  • Base technique for ReflectionPeriod workshop.

-- AlistairCockburn