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Status: Active
Language: Hebrew
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Main topic: Sustainability

EcoWiki is a wiki on Sustainability and other Social matters, form Sustainability point of view. Giving emphasis to Complex systems approach, Holism and Ecological Economics.

It started in 16 November 2005, and has more then 1200 articles in November 2008.

Most of the articles are Encyclopedia-style but with a Point Of View that current "business as usual" approach can't go on, and that Sustainably is important value and approach. As such, some of the article have "tools for action" sections.

Not all the articels are Encyclopedia style – some contain original articles, some technical papers, ides for projects, lectures and so on.

Apart form Sustainability other close or complementary values are in mind such as equity, democracy and peace and Anthropocentric / Biocentrism point of view.

Wiki size: 1,221 article pages see stats