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Founded by: Robert Kohr
Status: Needs love
Language: English
Edit mode: LoginToEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: No license
Main topic: EditThis.info
Wiki size: 3,781 article pages see stats
wikiFactor: 14 info / verify

(Page count as of: 2018-02-15
wikiFactor as of: 2012-09-09)

EditThis.info – your wiki — is the customer support and meta wiki site for the EditThis.info wiki farm. As of February 2018, this wiki site is somewhat neglected, and is very outdated in terms of the MediaWiki version/features. However, despite this, EditThis.info is still a fully functioning free wiki host, and is ideal for those competent with MediaWiki, and who want a basic and minimalist MediaWiki-driven site, but without the 'clutter' created by the latest 'bells and whistles' add-ons found on the latest versions of MediaWiki. Furthermore, enhanced log-in safety is provided due to all pages being protected by utilising 'https' SSL, or 'Secure Sockets Layer' secure connection protocol URLs.