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Language: Multilingual
Engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Telecommunications
Wiki license: MultiLicense

This wiki is available in several different language versions as listed below:

ca, en, es wikis are a small series of wikis which provide documentation about the open, free and neutral telecommunications peer-to-peer (P2P) network in Spain. is a collaborative project, which is horizontally managed and composed by individuals, organisations, enterprises, education institutions and universities, and government offices. Is open so everyone can participate in same terms and conditions within the scope of the Wireless Commons.

The wikis all run on the MediaWiki wiki engine, and their content is released under a dual-licence: the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 and the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence.

Links wikis in these languages (view / edit) Catalan / Català (ca) • English (en) • Spanish / Español (es) • see also: Media-pool (media & template repository)