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At the time of account creation or any time after your account is validated you can add your E-mail address. In order to use this address in connection with this wiki it must be verified that you got access to the corresponding mailbox. For this purpose a verification mail titled WikiIndex email address confirmation will be send to the supplied address. This verification mail provides a link to the verification procedure. If you follow (click) this link, your address gets verified and you will see a message on the called up page: Your email address has now been confirmed.

Known problems of the past[edit]

Unfortunately there had been cases when this verification mail did not arrive in the destination mailbox even when the address supplied was valid.

  • We solved this problem at 1-11-2014

The solution to this problem was

  • To use another address hosted at another e-mail provider or more precisely with another domain name.
  • The verification mail is now (11/2014) sent by an address from the domain. Whitelisting this domain may serve the purpose if this problem reoccurs.

Here is a list of domains about which we knew if they normally received the verification mail or not:

Domain received yes yes yes no yes (1&1) no yes (Microsoft) yes (Microsoft) yes (1&1) no yes yes yes yes (1&1) no yes yes yes no

This list is kept for reference in case of changes of server configuration. New configurations should be tested against this list.

If You encounter any such problems again, please inform any of the ActiveUsers of this wiki.