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Project space[edit]

I am not a fan of the WikiIndex project space for most of what is in it. I think that content deserves to be front and center. I say that because I have percolated a long time on what to do about it, only thing I have come up with so far :-) is to just let folks know. Best, MarkDilley

But we have WikiIndex:Community portal. That's why I moved it. --YiFei | talk 06:06, 23 June 2013 (UTC)
Sorry YiFei - similar to your br in the site notice, this has been an ongoing discussion here at WikiIndex - looks like it got moved last year. I just mention that, for me, WikiIndex should not use project space so much. For me, those are useful when the project is huge and about the product, i.e. Wikipedia. For smaller wiki, the project space feels like a spreading of focus in a smaller wiki like ours. Best, MarkDilley