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iSC Pedia 3.0 (en) –
The true Wikia encyclopedia.

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Status: Active
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: Wikia
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
Main topic: Encyclopedia
What is the iSC Pedia 3.0 (en)?

The iSC Pedia 3.0 (en), is the english wiki of iSC Pedia 3.0. It's like WikiIndex which collecting informations about wikis in an online reference work on all wiki farms like iSC Inc. or Wikia. It was started on 2014-05-04 by the founder Suriyaa Kudo.

This website and its contents offered live from their editors and assistants and supervisors. Our goal is to offer a complete, truthful and reliable encyclopedia about wikis in Wikia's database.

If you want to look up more helpful information, read this.

Wiki size: 8 article pages see stats

(Status: 2014-06-20)

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