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Gender: Female
Other names: Lyrithya
Nationality: Unknown
en-N This person is a native English speaker.
Residence: Unknown
Home wiki(s): English Wikipedia
Editing status:
Pers. website:

Isarra aka Lyrithya is a MediaWiki developer and Illogicopedia sysadmin. She is most well-known for wanting to overthrow things: such as Gerrit and Bugzilla, using the word "Aye" a lot, satirizing of wiki-processes, and making occasional sardonic remarks to wikitech-l such as "We should not be alienating our users, whoever they may be, for lack of consideration. We should instead consider things first and THEN alienate them, of course."

She ran for the Arbitration Committee (ArbComm) in 2013 on the pie issue, but was not considered a serious candidate, and was rejected. The Devil's Advocate wrote, "Isarra does not get a lot of love from the guides, but she also does not get a lot of hostility. Given the joking nature of her candidacy, one cannot rule out a little bounce from humor votes and she is probably going to get some legit votes from people who actually admire her particular take on the issues."[1]

She also engages in commentary on the wiki community, such as "When you get right down to it, what even is trolling? And should it necessarily matter? Even if someone is trolling, that doesn't mean they may not have a real point to it, though perhaps they could be more polite. Thing is, the most effective trolling is generally effective precisely /because/ they have a point - a point which may be somehow uncomfortable, something neglected or ignored or that the target doesn't want to admit for whatever reason, but if the point is relevant it often should be brought up. Unfortunately with such points bringing them in any way, no matter how politely, can potentially be called trolling."

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