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Status: Private
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Politics

More Perfect intends to get people talking about legal and policy issues in the United States of America. More specifically, it's an experiment in wiki-style, non-binding policy discussion based around:

  • specific issues -- ranging from the local (such as maintaining the vitality and relevance of The New Seattle Center) to more sweeping (such as animal rights); and
  • specific documents -- for example, the Bill of Rights, where the point is clarify the document and elicit more general engagement.

In addition to more details about the project and the motivation behind the project, the wiki seems open and inviting by design and text is available under a Creative Commons CCASL license.

More Perfect also has a few properties of interest to wiki developers, most notably:

  • a streamlined, cruft-free RecentChanges page (with full details behind a "Click for more details..." prompt);
  • a fairly detailed set of "Getting Started" pages which, while too long and text-heavy to really be of much use, represent a good attempt at creating an invitation to participate; and
  • a convention started by the founders, Tim and Chad, of listing specific "issues of interest to me" on user pages.