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Status: Active
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: TikiWiki
Wiki license: Multi-license
Main topic: Politics
Wiki Size: unknown size [No see stats]

Canadian politics and e-government in issue/position/argument form, a widely-used 'multiple point of view' (MPOV) format which allows positions of many parties and major groups to co-exist on the same page without overwriting or censoring each other. Similar to More Perfect and DKosopedia in the US, and in the UK, set some methodological and terminology precedents other political wikis use:

Other properties of more interest to wiki developers and Web 2.0 gurus include:

Weaknesses include a lack of user pages (TikiWiki support for these is extremely poor), no effective social features, and infrequent updates to the main page. The project has been seemingly neglected for long periods leaving some pages to fall out of date, and there has been active effort to revisit and update pages, even those marked clearly with "as of" tags. There is effectively no use of categories despite the extensive proposal for this.