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Richard Heigl at the Semantic MediaWiki Comvention (SMWCon), Fall 2016.
Richard Heigl
Age: 46, born 1971
Gender: Male
Other names: RichardHeigl
Nationality: German
de-N This person is a native German speaker.
en-3 This person is an advanced English speaker.
Residence: Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
Home wiki(s):
Editing status: Active
Pers. website:

Dr Richard Heigl is a German historian and entrepreneur, born 1971, living in Regensburg, in the Bavarian state of Germany. Author of wiki, Web Collaboration, and Social Web. Co-founder of the German wiki company Hallo Welt! GmbH.

At my company we develop the BlueSpice MediaWiki Enterprise distribution. It makes MediaWiki more suitable for commercial business needs. For non-profit organisations we publish BlueSpice Free.