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a simple, free wiki

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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Marc Rohlfing
(founder and author)
Owner / CEO: None
Interface language: English
Programming language: PHP
Software license: Creator retains copyright
Status: Dead

roWiki – a simple, free wiki, is a small 9kb script (in its latest version) which supports wiki markup, recent changes and history, but importantly, does not support CamelCase. Founder and author of roWiki is Marc Rohlfing Project is long dead, and original website inaccessible (but archived here). If you would like to see roWiki, you can download it from (version 1.05, latest version known).

roWiki was designed with ease of use, and especially installation in mind. It consists of only a single PHP-script of a 150 lines (including comments) you need to put on your web-server. The pages are stored as plain-text files, so no databases or any other requirements.


roWiki has a lot of descendants or forks, probably most important is TigerWiki (which in turn forms basis for WiKiss, LionWiki and WiKissMe).

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  • About LionWiki — history of LionWiki, referring to its descendency from roWiki