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Scott Schaefer overview[edit]

My interest in developing a wiki site began when I became an avid reader/user of Wikipedia in 2007. My visits were initially to broaden my knowledge base but increasingly as a technical resource and the site was instrumental in inspiring me to develop and add a community wiki as an adjunct to my Lexington Development Network of websites and blogs in October 2010. I am also the primary author and publisher of the LexingtonWiki.

Scott Schaefer author[edit]

Having recently embarked on my second career, I found that I very much enjoy writing. I began web authoring by creating and developing a website for the Dallas home building company I founded, - Lexington Luxury Builders, when the website development company I had engaged to create the site went out of business in 2008. Thus, with no prior authoring, web design or web development experience I created websites for the - Lexington Companies and - Lexington Development out of necessity, which is the mother of invention. Finding I enjoyed creating and developing the websites, and writing the content, I expanded further by creating the first of several blogs I now publish, the - Dallas Urban Blog which focuses on the subjects of urban real estate development, Dallas urban real estate and green building. I have since started and become the primary author and publisher of twenty-three websites and blogs, the most recent and most notable being - Intelligent US Politics.

In October 2010 I finally created the LexingtonWiki I had for several years wanted to create.