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Welcome to Scryve

Our website provides a resource for environmentally and socially aware internet browsing. Our browser tool provides a simple way of making quick informed decisions about companies and websites that you would like to use. The tool shows a responsibility rating for each site you visit for which we have a company profile. If you like that rating, then keep using the site. If you don't like the rating, then click on it, and we'll show you why it's rated that way and a list of alternatives with (hopefully) better ratings. Quick How To

Here's how it all works: we have company profiles for every company that we rate. Each of these pages is broken into two areas, Environment and Community. Each area is then a simple overview of an organization's ideals and behavior in its industry. Each area includes the most important positive and negative aspects of their policies and records.

Our company profiles come from a number of places. Our seed data, our initial set of profiles, came from one of the best socially responsible investment companies in the world. We have simplified their research into our two areas (environment and community). The rest of our profiles have come from individuals who contribute their time and research to building the profile database. These people do the research, find the references, and monitor the profiles to ensure that the content is accurate and clear (If you would like to be one of these people, sign up here)

Once a company profile is up, then the rating process begins. The environment and community descriptions are linked to ratings. When visitors have read the descriptions, they can then rate the behavior of an organization with respect to the global community and to the environment. We aggregate these ratings to create the overall rating for that company.

This overall rating is the one you receive in the top right corner of your screen informing you of the record for the company whose site you are using. Then you decide whether you want to continue using their site, or you want to find an alternative.

Contact Scryve at: