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Founded by: Arno Hollosi
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Main topic: Go (game)

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(As of: 2021-05-21)

Sensei's Library (SL) is a wiki where Go players can meet to find information, contribute information and discuss any items related to Go.

Sensei's Library is a collaborative web site about and around the game of Go (also called Igo, Weiqi, and Baduk).

It is a repository, a discussion medium, it is the pot of GO(ld) at the end of the rainbow! SL is whatever you make of it.

What is Go?

Go is an ancient game that originated in China, with a definite history of over 3000 years, although there are historians who say that the game was invented more than 4000 years ago. Its name comes from the Japanese name Igo, which means 'surrounding boardgame'.

In this game, each player tries to exert more influence on territory than his opponent, using threats of death, capture, or isolation. Although at heart an abstract strategy game, Go has variously been said to be a symbolic representation of war, colonization, settling a frontier, capturing market share, having a debate or a lively discussion in a specialized language, and probably many other concrete situations. Go is getting increasingly popular around the world, with many worldwide competitions being held.

Go players cherish the quality of their go board, their black and white stones (traditionally made of slate and shell) and their wooden bowls that hold them.

See also: EncyGoPédie., the french sister wiki