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/* [[WikiMANNia]] */
::* — RationalWiki search bar
::Notice how it works. There is [ this slightly modified template] which has a modified InputBox tag near the bottom. Notice one of the parameters is <code>urlparameter=search URL</code>. So, on pages like RationalWiki where the Wiki template is transcluded, you put, e.g., <code>search URL=</code> and it knows where to go when it's searching. If you leave out the search URL, then it doesn't include the search bar. Feel free to play around with it, edit it, etc. for testing purposes. Just remember, you have to purge the page in order to get any changes to take effect. What do you think? I think it could be handy for users. It works by means of [[User:Leucosticte/InputBox.classes.php|these]] [[User:Leucosticte/InputBox.hooks.php|two]] hacked files from [[mw:Extension:InputBox]]. [[User:Leucosticte|Leucosticte]] ([[User talk:Leucosticte|talk]]) 14:39, 29 November 2012 (PST)
== [[WikiMANNia]] ==
Thank you for your work! --[[Special:Contributions/|]] 23:53, 1 December 2012 (PST)
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