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Categories include [ television], books, electronic media, as well as toys and [ collectibles] that are Succubus or Incubus related. Whether in modern or ancient form, whether a myth, story or other tale, it can be found in this [[wiki]]. Additionally, SuccuWiki attempts to be a high-quality source of Succubus and Incubus materials, from G-rated to {{tag|adult content|X-rated}}, we cover them all.
The wiki, with over 4.5 million views as of April May 2013,<sup>[]</sup> is generally updated with a [ new article] once per day, and has exceeded over 2,100 articles and 2,500 [ images] recently. While reading the articles in this wiki does not require registration, editing articles requires it because of the subject matter involved.
'''<u>Please Note:</u>''' — because of the obvious {{tag|adult content}} of this wiki, viewer/reader discretion is advised.
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