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/* Change block policy */ More thoughts on Anti-Spam measures
:Also, we probably should discuss about implementing [[mw:Manual:$wgEmailConfirmToEdit|Manual:$wgEmailConfirmToEdit]] (i.e. setting <code>$wgEmailConfirmToEdit = true;</code> in the wiki's LocalSettings.php). While spambots sadly can bypass this relatively easily, it would stop the most obvious and laziest spambots. But would it be too much of a nuisance for humans? Personally I think not, as most sites out there require an e-mail and also require you to confirm your e-mail address before the site can be fully used (say, before you can post on a forum, for example)...what are your thoughts on the matter? --[[User:Jack Phoenix|Jack Phoenix]] ([[User talk:Jack Phoenix|talk]]) 11:56, 30 June 2013 (UTC)
:Personally I would like the confirm email before editing option as it would at least slow them down and stop a lot of them I think as well. As for what I have been doing in the past, I haven't banned the accounts on sight but have waited for a time, which varies I admit, before banning them if their user names and or emails appear on a google search as being spam ones. I also run the accounts through FPSpamlist to see if they come up and if they do, I ban them as to me that is enough proof to prove they are spam. However, if the consensus is not to do so, then I will not. However, I will add that we should be prepared to have to keep up with the new filters and as well be prepared to deal with increased spam appearing here. Nothing is perfect, it never can be, but we should be ready. [[User:TeraS|TeraS]] ([[User talk:TeraS|talk]]) 16:02, 30 June 2013 (UTC)
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