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<noinclude>This {{tag|Shortcut templates|template}} is used to render the number of articles (page count) for all [[:Category:Wiki Language|language]] versions of the [[WikiMANNia]] project.</noinclude><includeonly>{{#switch: {{{1|}}}</includeonly><noinclude><br /></noinclude>| de = 34005800<noinclude><br /></noinclude>| en = 6001030<noinclude><br /></noinclude>| es = 140200<noinclude><br /></noinclude>| fr = 3<noinclude><br /></noinclude>| it = 5055<noinclude><br /></noinclude>| ru = 5<noinclude><br /></noinclude>| date = 2021-04-10<noinclude><br /></noinclude>| commons = 6425<noinclude> &nbsp; &larr; here: Uploaded files (picts and docs)</noinclude><includeonly>
| #default = 0
See also [[template:WikiMANNia/WikiFactorwikiFactor]].
[[Category:Article templates]]</noinclude>
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