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'''WikiIndex:About''' — '''de''': [[WikiIndex:Über]], '''fr''': [[WikiIndex:À propos]], '''it''': [[WikiIndex:Su di noi]], '''sv''': [[WikiIndex:Om]], '''tl''': [[WikiIndex:Tungkol]]
=='''[[WikiIndex]]''' - the [[wiki]] of [[:Category:All|all wikis]] :-)==The [[:Category:Wiki People|people]] of '''WikiIndex ''' are creating a complete [[:Category:Directory|directory]] of all [[WhatIsWiki|wiki]] websites on the [[:Category:Internet|internet ]] – current and former. We describe each wiki using several systems of [[Special:Categories|categorisation]]. We want to help people find the kind of wikis they are most interested in, and to map out the internet-wide wiki landscape, or [[wikisphere]].
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*'''[[{{SITENAME}}]]''' was [[Founder|founded]] in '''[[:Category:FoundedIn2006|2006]]''' by [[John Stanton]], [[MarkDilley]] and [[Raymond King]]. *The current ''' ''' domain owner of the [[:Category:Active administrators of this wiki|active administrators of this wiki]] is '''[[Raymond King]] ''' – who edits under the [[username]] of ''''[[User:Rathbone|Rathbone]]''''.*[[:Category:Active contributors to this wiki|We]] work on '''[[Special:AllPages|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] [[Special:Statistics|articles]]''' (out of {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} total pages), '''[[Special:NewFiles|{{NUMBEROFFILES}} files]]''' have been uploaded, and '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} revisions]]''' have been undertaken.<!--*We have received {{NUMBEROFVIEWS}} unique views since our foundation in 2006!-->
Since this site is also a '[[WhatIsWiki|wiki]]', its pages are created, edited, changed, revised and updated by people like YOU. Please [[Special:RequestAccount|join us]] and contribute to this effort and [[WikiIndex:Add a Wiki|add a wiki]], or check out our [[WikiIndex:Community portal|community portal]]!
Why do we at WikiIndex make it so easy to edit our wiki by [[:Category:OpenEdit|anyone ]] – anytime, anywhere? Because we (like many other wiki communities) have the ethos that the best way to both improve our content, ''and'' reduce errors – is to make it extremely easy to create new articles, edit existing articles, and correct mistakes; rather than [[wp:Wiki#Controlling changes|making it harder for people to make mistakes]].
==What WikiIndex is not==
*'''WikiIndex is not an encyclopediaencyclopaedia''' if you've seen [] (or one of its many related sites), you'll recognise the [[:Category:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] software that this WikiIndex site uses. [[:Category:Wiki Engine|Wiki software ]] allows you to create pages and interlink topics very easily, but here we are interested only in creating pages of a particular type; we are not building an encyclopedia[[:Category:Encyclopedia|encyclopaedia]]. That is what [[:Category:Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] is for, and it's very good at it; check it out if you haven't done so already! On this wiki, every regular page (i.e. every article page in the main [[WikiIndex:Namespace conventions|namespace]]) is a page describing either another [[:Category:All||wiki]], or a [[:Category:Wiki People|wiki person]], or a [[:Category:WikiIdea|wiki idea]]. We have pages dealing with wiki related topics like [[:Category:Wiki Engine|wiki engines]] (ie, wiki software) and [[:Category:WikiFarm|wiki farms]] as well. Generally, administrative "'meta" ' pages like this one, which provide supporting information about the task of building WikiIndex, are in [ the "'project" ' namespace], so people wanting to browse by using the "'[[Special:Random|random page]]" ' feature will find wikis or people, not instructions or discussions. (This is not a decision that has full consensus, some folks think that instructions and discussion are worthy topics for "[[Special:Random|'random page]]"').)
*'''WikiIndex is not a website directory''' we are indexing (or making a [[:Category:Directory|directory]] of) only wiki websites. Not just any website. It has to be a website powered by [[:Category:Wiki Engine|wiki software]]. Although we may be interested in other websites, e.g. ; websites with articles about wikis, these do not appear as listings in this index (with their own page, added to categories etc). If you want to list your website on a wiki, check out [[wikidweb]] or [[AboutUs]]. If a website listed here does not appear to be powered by wiki software, you may have found a page that we should [[WikiIndex:Deleting pages|delete]]; however, we do list [[:Category:ReadOnly|read-only wikis]] where the wiki software may not be immediately apparent.
*'''WikiIndex is not a business directory''' although we may have listings that appear to be about a particular [[:Category:Company|company]], that is only because this that company has a wiki! We are listing wikis, not companies. You can create a listing for ''any'' company if you go to [[Yellowikis]].
*'''WikiIndex is not a link farm''' we are creating this index for the benefit of real human visitors. It is not about search engine rankings. Any edits that are crammed full of keywords for 'search engine optimisation' (SEO) purposes should be adjusted for the benefit of human visitors of this site. Wiki[[Spam]] should be [[WikiIndex:Deleting pages|removed]] immediately!
==Frequently asked questions (FAQ)==