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This [[wiki]] was about the {{tag|WikiFarm|wiki farm}} which is '''OccupyMediawiki'''.
The '''OccupyMediaWiki''' was a wiki family formed to pool our expertise with the [[:Category:MediaWiki|Mediawiki software]] (with a {{tag|custom skin}}) so our wikis would take less of our time to maintain, but be better looking, less vulnerable to spam and other harmful use, and be more helpful to the social protests movements world wide. In doing so we try to adhere to a few simple ideals. Our teams are still forming, but plan to have support staff available as near to 24/7 as we can from our volunteers.
The farm is was using dedicated servers in {{tag|The Netherlands}} to make the wikis available. The choice of the hosts was a long and involved process to select the most secure option which also used [[:Category:Renewable energy|green-sourced energy]] (and is carbon offset in addition) in an envrionmentally-certified datacenter. Our The servers run ran {{tag|BSD}}, and the software which make made up the website can could be viewed online.
OccupyMediawiki is actively accepting applications for hosting. If your {{tag|protest|protests}}-related group is in need As of a wikiDecember 2016, please contact us.{{Size|pages = 8 <!--Necessary. Type the plain number of pages - NO thousands separators.-->|statistics URL =|wikiFactor = 1 <!--Optional. If link to the home page and the recent changes page both don't go anywhere, returning a "Cannot open page because you have attempted to connect to an undetected or unknown leave voidserver" error message. See: Category:wikiFactor.-->|wikiFactor URL = February 2017, the wiki/Special:PopularPages}}(As of: 08 November 2012)<!--manually add/amend date when stats are verified has been confirmed dead and/or updatedarchived -->a similar situation to what happened with [[MW Zip]].
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