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==Community news &nbsp;<small><small><span class=editsection>[<nowiki />[[edit:WikiIndex:Community portal/News|edit]]<nowiki />]</span></small></small>==
{{WikiIndex:Community portal/News}}
[[File:Barn Raising.gif|right|210px|This is a place for barn raising - building together!]]
'''Thanks for your effort to make [[WikiIndex]] a great place to be!''' The tasks that we are [[:Category:Active contributors to this wiki|currently working on]] are in the left column below. Please feel free to ask questions about this page, or {{tag|WikiIndex }} in general on the [[WikiIndex talk:Community portal|discussion page]].
Sometimes people are in [[Internet Relay Chat]] (IRC): {{IRC|WikiIndex}}
* [[Assume good faith]]* Inclusivity
*[[WikiIndex:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]] (how to correctly name an article page)
*[[WikiIndex:Add a Wiki|Add a Wiki]]
**TemplateInfobox template :Wiki ([[Template:Wiki|actual]]), ([[Template:Wiki boilerplate|boilerplate]])**TemplateInfobox template :Private ([[Template:Private|actual]]), ([[Template:Private boilerplate|boilerplate]])
*Add a [[WikiIndex:New page for yourself|New page for yourself]]
*Standard [[WikiIndex:Logo Images|Logo images]]
*[[WikiIndex:Namespace conventions|Namespace conventions]]– such as Category, File, Help, User, Template, WikiIndex, etc
*[[WikiIndex:Editing etiquette|Editing etiquette]]
*[[WikiIndex:Inclusion policy|Inclusion policy]]
*[[WikiIndex:Prohibited content|Prohibited content]]
*[[WikiIndex:File deletion policy|File deletion policy]]
*[[WikiIndex:What is a WikiIndex entry?|What is a WikiIndex entry?]]
*[[WikiIndex:Help|Need Help?]]
*[[WikiIndex:Glossary|Glossary]] (needs a push to get started)
*[[WikiIndex:Good entry examples]] (need to get started also)
*Figure out how to make intermap [[interwiki map]] linking work on a [[:Category:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]], i.e., [[RecentChangesCamp:WikiPractices]] doesn't work, [[:WikiFeatures:DelayedCommits]] doesn't work, but [[:Wikipedia:Main Page]] does . . .[[mw:Manual:Guide to setting up interwiki linking|guide for adminstrators setting up interwiki]]
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*[[WikiIndex:AntiSpamMeasuresAnti-spam measures|Anti-Spam spam measures]] by wiki engine
**[[WikiIndex:Spam Control Policy|Spam control policy]]
*[[:Category:Browse]] is the top level 'mother' or 'parent' category
*[[WikiIndex:Magic words|Magic words]] for use in pages
<!--Please keep this list ALPHABETIZED. Make sure the columns stay even (unless there is an odd number of listings). Also, the link to the current collaboration should be a template that you can update without directly editing the Community Portalportal.-->
==About WikiIndex==
**[[RecentChangesCamp]]– seeding ideas for creating an index of all wikis
*[[:Category:Wiki People|Wiki people]]
**[[WikiIndex talk:Community talk|Community talk]]
==Hosting a Wiki? – Add it to WikiIndex!==
Fill in the name of the new page in the appropriate box below and click the create button below the box. Upload logos and images [[Special:Upload|here]](once you have logged in).
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