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'''HotCat''' is a {{tag|JavaScript}} -compiled '[[Special:Gadgets|gadget]]' for use on {{tag|MediaWiki}}-powered wiki sites, designed to help registered [[user]]s make changes to [[Special:Categories|categories]] much easier. HotCat was originally created as a tool on [[Wikimedia Commons]], and its full documentation can be found [[Commons:Help:Gadget-HotCat|there]].
HotCat is <u>not </u> currently enabled globally here on WikiIndex. To use HotCat here on an individual basis, it is advisable required that one needs to copy and paste the relevent <code>.js</code> file contents into a [[sub-page]] of your own [[user page]]. An overview of this procedure can be found [[Commons:Help:Gadget-HotCat#Installing HotCat on another wiki|there]].
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