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{{WikiFarm <!--see 'Template:Wiki Farm' for full detail-->
|URL =
|logo = [[File:NoLogo.png]]
|license = Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
|maintopic = Occupy Movement
|backupurl = <!--Backup backup file URL Found , found at '/Special:Statistics' on Wikia & some other MediaWiki sites-->|backupdate = 20YY2018-MM-DD <!--the ISO 8601 date of the above backup URL, as in YYYY-MM-DD; if unknown leave void-->
{{Size<!--see 'Template:Size' for full detail-->
|pages= 8
|statistics URL= <!-->
|wikiFactor= 2 <!--Optional. If preferred; if unknown leave void. See; see: Category:wikiFactor.-->
|wikiFactor URL= <!-->
}}(As of: 2013-07-06)<!--YYYY-MM-DD; manually add/amend date when stats are verified and/or updated-->
OccupyMediawiki was actively accepting applications for hosting. If your {{tag|protest}}s-related group is in need of a wiki, please contact us.
As of December 2016, the link to the home page and the recent changes page both don't go anywhere, returning a "Cannot open page because you have attempted to connect to an undetected or unknown server" error message. In February 2018, the wiki has been confirmed dead and archived - a similar situation to what happened with [[MW Zip]].
;''Members of the OccupyMediawiki family
*[[Asamblea Virtual]]
[[Category:Wiki Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike]]
[[Category:Former MediaWiki wiki farm]]