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Category:Dusk To Dawn

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'''Category:Dusk To Dawn''' — this [[Special:Categories|category]] contains a list of [[wiki]]s that use, or are able to use the [[mw:Skin:DuskToDawn|Dusk To Dawn]] {{tag|Skins|skin}} from {{tag|MediaWiki skin|MediaWiki}}. Dusk To Dawn is a skin ported from the free and open source, GPL-licensed [[:Category:WordPress|WordPress]] theme with the same name. It is described on the WordPress theme site as "a dark theme that melds old-style organic ornaments with modern design and typography". The original WordPress theme was written by Automattic, and the MediaWiki port was done by {{U|Jack Phoenix}} on 11 January 2014 for {{tag|ShoutWiki skin|ShoutWiki}}. Dusk to Dawn is, according to various different WordPress sources, the successor to the [[:Category:Dusk|Dusk]] skin. Its content area is even narrower than Dusk's, which means that various MediaWiki pages, such as Special:Version, etc., render outright poorly.