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Glarnerschulen Wiki

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{{Wiki | wiki_name name = GlarnerschulenWikiGlarnerschulen Wiki| wiki_logo logo = http[[File://]]| wiki_URL URL =| wiki_recentchanges_URL recentchanges URL=| wiki_wikinode_URL wikinode URL = No| wiki_status about URL = VibrantNo| wiki_language status = Active|language = German| wiki_editmode editmode = OpenEdit | wiki_engine engine = ProWiki| wiki_maintopic license = LearningSite retains copyright|maintopic = School}}==Description={{WikiTourBus|31|url=}}This '''Glarnerschulen Wiki''' is a German [[wiki ]] which serves the schools of the small {{tag|Switzerland|Swiss}} canton "Glarus" (about 50.000 inhabitants) as an organisational and e-{{tag|learning }} platform. It was initiated by the Swiss wiki pioneer Andres Streiff in early {{tag|FoundedIn2004|2004 }} and is one of the most interesting and innovative {{tag|school}} wikis.
==Statistics=={{Size<!--see Template:Size for full detail-->| wiki_statistics_URL pages= 897|statistics URL=| wiki_pages wikiFactor= 668<!--preferred, if unknown leave void, see: Category:wikiFactor-->|wikiFactor URL= <!--wF source (often 'PopularPages', 'Mostvisitedpages', 'PageHits') - if unknown leave void-->}}(As of: 2017-10-09)<!--ISO date of backup URL; as in YYYY-MM-DD, if unknown, type 'unknown date'-->