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RationalWiki (en)

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Every community risks misuse, it's nonsense to state that everywhere, sorry. Better ignore this article, if you cannot keep cool.
RationalWiki runs a large collection of specially customized extensions allowing a wide range of features such as; up-down voting, slider voting, a site wide intercom system, and easy bible quotations.
RationalWiki also has a namespace dedicated to [[Conservapedia]].  6954 pages at RationalWiki are viewed daily and RationalWiki is worth an estimated $16687.8 USD to those who advertise there. []
Example of RationalWiki’s perspective:-
<Blockquote>''As a site we have a point of view, and that point of view is that the scientific method and the information gained from its application is better than almost anything else humanity has come up with. We believe that the support of, profiting from and creation of pseudosciences is dangerous and wrong. []''</Blockquote>
One former contributor has cut down editing due to that user's real name being revealed on [[RationalWikiWiki]] which is closely connected with RationalWiki. Repeated requests to remove the information were refused. There are people who could have real big problems with their employers, with their families, with political or religious <s>nuts</s> zealots in their area if their real names came out. Since many of the same people edit RationalWiki and Rationalwikiwiki the best way to avoid that type of trouble is to choose an untraceable username.
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