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link to the old content which is still running in readonly mode
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KayakWikiThe original home of kayakwiki was set to read only since 2006, when the content was moved to seems to have and set-up on [[:Category:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] software. A key motivator for the move was that the original [[:Category:UseMod|UseMod]] site on got spammed into oblivion. The new system administrator put some effort in, and the content had progressed considerably on the newer MediaWiki site, including nice navigation structures and image features enabled by the superior software. However it has more recently disappeared without a trace(2008 some time?). Perhaps it is lucky after all then, which that the original UseMod site still exists in read-only form, so the content is sad.still available to be rescued, although this content is missing couple of years worth of edits!
Subjects KayakWiki aims (or aimed) to cover subjects relating to kayaks and kayaking, with...
* Encyclopedic definitions of [ Basic terms] related to kayaking.
* Articles, tips and tricks reflecting collective experience of [ Kayak building], [ Kayak design and hydrodynamics], and other aspects of Kayaking.
* Guidebook style information about kayaking [ places] around the world.
In 2006 the wiki was moved to and migrated to [[:Category:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] software, from its original home which was a [[:Category:UseMod|UseMod]] site which got spammed into oblivion. That original site still exists in read-only form here: however the content had progresses considerably on the newer MediaWiki site (which has disappearead)
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