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Touhou Wiki is a wiki in various languages about the Touhou Project series of 2D scrolling danmaku shooting video games made by Team Shanghai Alice, and it's many fan-made game and music album spinoffs and related works.

The wikis all use the popular MediaWiki software, and their wiki content is released under the most widely used license"as a wiki, we follow the same spirit of licensing as the Wikimedia Foundation" – all Touhou Wikis use the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 unported license (CC-BY-SA 4.0). All of the primary Touhou Wiki language versions, now available on the TouhouWiki.net domain are ex-Wikia,[1] though similar-named wiki may have been independently hosted from their foundation.

Touhou Wiki wikis in these languages (edit)

Chinese / 中文 • Dutch / Nederlands • English • French / Français • German / Deutsch • Italian / Italiano • Korean / 한국어 • Polish / Polski • Portuguese / Português • Russian / Русский • Spanish / Español • Swedish / Svenska • Ukrainian / Українська
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