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خوش آمدی, καλωσορίζω, ようこそ, स्वागत हे, приветствовать, 歡迎, 환영, ต้อนรับ, באַגריסן, accogliere, accueillir, acoger, acolher, begrüßen, bonvenu, croeso, dobrodošli, fáilte, gratissimum, haeremai, karibu, kuwakaribisha, manaakitia, menyambut, ongietorri, Tervetuloa, ukwamukela, Välkommen, Velkommen, welkom, Witamy, welcome . . .

Welcome to WikiIndex! We hope you will contribute, no matter what your computer and / or language skills are.

For the basics on creating and editing articles on the WikiIndex, please see WikiIndex:Help. This 'wiki' site is powered by MediaWiki, the same software that was invented for and used by Wikipedia, and is now exclusively used by the nearly 900 wikis of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), and extensively used by many, many independent wiki sites. If you are already familiar with any of those wikis, you will already know how to edit and get around this WikiIndex wiki.

Discussion or questions about a particular page can be made on the 'discussion' or 'talk' page associated with that article / category / User page. If your question is a general matter, and not confined to a single page (or subject matter), see Talk:Wiki Index. Please remember to 'sign and date' your questions and / or comments on all talk pages by typing four tildes, as in ~~~~, at the end of your message, so that other readers know 'who asked the question, and who to reply to'.

If you see an orange banner containing "You have a new message . . ." (or similar wording) at the top of any page, it means that another WikiIndex user has left a message for you on your own user talk or discussion page. If you edit another WikiIndex member's user talk page, they will be the one seeing the same banner message. If / when you do place a message on another person's talk page, it is commonly considered to be a good idea to add their said talk page to your own 'watchlist', as this feature allows you to track when they reply to your comment (on their own user talk page).

One way you can help is to keep an eye on the 'recent changes', where all recent edits, new pages, uploaded files, and more, along with their authors are listed. Anonymous edits (colloquially known as an 'IP editor'), especially, may need checking in case they are spam and / or vandalism.

If you would like to tell us a little about yourself, such as how you discovered this site, or which wikis you are familiar with, you can add that information to your own user page; and if you wish, you can include a specific 'infobox' by using template:Personal infobox.

Enjoy! :-)

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