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Wiki.yt was a wiki farm created by Kasper Souren, aka Guaka. There are two main goals:

  1. Develop real social wikis
  2. Make money through advertising, hosting and consulting

These goals can be in conflict, in which case, goal #1 prevails.

Real social wikis

We want to provide a space that is currently not well covered. Wikimedia Foundation is too big and too bureaucratic, and Wikia is way too commercial and annoying for small wikis.


We make money through


We're already running several successful wikis

Hitchwiki is not on this server but is definitely a friendly wiki. Mirror.Hitchwiki.org will be on this server.

And then there are some less successful ones, possibly to be revived.

Possible new ones

More todo


Wiki.yt was not just built by Guaka. Some other people were essential to its growth and success: Sigurdas, Simison, MrTweek, Robino and way many more other people.

Why .yt?

Most wiki.* domains were taken, what do You Think? Well, and it was cheap.

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