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Welcome to the High Weirdness Project, a SubGenius exercise in high weirdness. In 1994, the First Online Church of "Bob" was founded, based upon the principles of the sacred tome High Weirdness by Mail (Rev. Ivan Stang, 1988). In the years since its foundation, the Church has promoted and encouraged the use of information warfare to expose the inner workings of the Conspiracy. The Web site for the Church was founded in 1995. On the tenth anniversary of its foundation, in 2005, the First Online Church of "Bob" announced the commencement of The High Weirdness Project: an open-source wiki that invites YOU to take part in the ongoing war against the forces of the Conspiracy.

"This site is built upon wiki software and it is certainly influenced by Wikipedia; however, we do not intend to create another 'encyclopedia' covering everything in existence. Rather, the focus of this site is to point the user towards useful sources of Slackful information. To accomplish this, we are looking to provide links to unusual, outrageous, offensive, and informative sites...and, especially, to provide reviews of those sites so as to pique your interest and entice you to follow new paths."

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