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I guess my claim to fame here is that during the WikiSym evaluation session, some people were complaining about wikis reaching out to other wikis to bring them into the wiki community (or as it has started to become called "Ohana" which means family in Hawaiian). After hearing some complaints I mentioned the WikiIndex was a very good step to promoting a wiki community of wikis and I'm proud to have it here. When I get some extra time, I'll add listings of Esperanto wikis here.

I presented the poster session at Wikimania 2006 called "Wiki Markup Standard" which has by the genius of Ward Cunningham become Wiki Creole. The idea being that instead of replacing the richness of wiki markup languages, a wiki creole would give users an easier way to edit multiple wikis from different engines. I also helped lead the rigorous five-hour workshop at WikiSym '06 about Creole. Also see