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WikiIndex: Invitations to get involved.

No discussions should be on this actual wiki project page! Only inviting links. Explanations are on this talk page.

invitations to get involved here on WikiIndex
WikiIndex article or talk page original
current status,
WikiIndex talk: Teamwork information 2014-08 2014-10-07 some participation
WikiIndex talk: Invitations to get involved 2014-10 2014-10-07 new
Help talk: E-mail 2014-09 2014-10-07  Done, completed 2014-11-01
Category talk: Wiki status 2014-08 2014-10-07  Done, completed
WikiIndex talk: Deleting pages 2012-01 2014-10-08  Done, completed 2014-01-02
Template talk: People on WikiIndex 2014-09 2014-10-08 not introduced yet
WikiIndex talk: Real names 2006-03-06 2014-10-22 in use, optional
WikiIndex talk: Community portal#Cleaning up the User list 2014-11-01 2014-11-01 not introduced yet needs the Extension:UserMerge installing
WikiIndex: ServerMove 2014-11-14 2014-11-14  Done, completed a second move was completed late 2017
WikiIndex talk: Policies and Guidelines#Creating policy 2014-12-02 2014-12-02 ongoing
WikiIndex: 2018 bugs 2018 2018 ongoing ;-(

It should be noted that any and all areas of subject and policy may evolve over time, and discussions are always welcome to achieve a revised (or new) consensus. No policy here on WikiIndex should ever be considered 'set in concrete'!